Lambda Fund


The fund or it’s appointed investor advisor through a fund of fund structure lends to property developers or HNWI (“borrowers”) for short term loan known as “Bridging Finance” over real estate property assets.


100% Guaranteed return

6% stable return with low risk

Self-designed year of maturity (Minimum one year)

USD dominated investment

No withholding tax on interest income

Covered Lloyds (“A” credit rating) insurance company for any default on these loans.

Product Outline

The Lambda Guaranteed Fund has a primary investment objective to achieve a guarantee annual return of 6% and:

  • Act like a bond or debt instruments as it pays a set amount of interest on a yearly basis without the principal investment appreciating or deprecating in size. ( i.e principally protected )

  • However, unlike a bond the net asset value (“NAV”) remains constant, whereas a bond price increase or decrease with changes in prevailing interest rates.

  • The fund therefore offers many of the desirable attributes of a bond without any price volatility.

  • The fund is for investors looking for a principal protected, high yielding alternative to cash or traditional income investments.

  • The fund derives returns from a managed pool of low risk property bridging finance or secured lending activities on real estate assets and furthermore any default risk is insured to protect the fund . ( i.e insured principal and default interest )

  • A deed of guarantee is provided the manager for any default or top up required to guarantee the return of the Fund at 6% p.a

  • Minimum investment 100,000 USD

  • For clients design more than one year of maurity, the are options of reinvestment or receive annual interest